How to Flash BIOS on an IBM eServer

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 / Posted by Luke Puplett /

A server being a type of PC, and a PC being a open-platform, the process is less than straight forward. Not least because tiny OSes like DOS are on the way out without a suitable replacement; there’s WinPE but most IHVs have yet to use this for flashing BIOSes – maybe it cannot be done. Floppies have also gone without a really easy way to replace them. And Microsoft have removed SYS and the /S option from FORMAT, just to piss you off.

You’ll also need an XP machine because the tool that’s key to all this doesn’t run on Vista/7. Makes you want to scream doesn’t it?

  • Download the IMG file from the IBM site.
  • Download the HP USB Flash Boot Thingy Tool from here.
  • Install it onto your XP box.
  • Stick your USB pen in and run the HP tool.
  • Choose to make a floppy and point it to the IBM .img file.
  • It should complete in a second.
  • Shove the USB pen in your IBM server and hit F12 to boot from Removable Drives.
  • Follow the instructions.



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