Note to self: Web Page Performance Optimization - Notes from MIX10

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 / Posted by Luke Puplett /

My personal notes from Jason Weber's session at MIX10. Essentially just a bulleted list of the 20 or so recommendations he made.

  • Compress HTTP but never images.
  • Provide cachable content with future expiry date.
  • Use conditional requests, GET if modified since.
  • Minify JavaScript; can reduce by 25%.
  • Don't scale images, resample them.
  • Use image sprites.
  • Avoid inline JavaScript.
  • Linking JavaScript in head prevents HTML render, or use defer="defer"
  • Avoid embedded styles.
  • Only send styles actually required by the page - server side plug-ins can automate this.
  • Link CSS at top in head.
  • Avoid using @import for hierarchical styles, place them in HTML head.
  • Minimize symbol resolution, cache in method body. Functions also; create function pointers in local method.
  • Use JSON native methods if available.
  • Remove duplicate script file declarations.
  • Minimize DOM interactions, cache references.
  • Built-in DOM methods are always faster.
  • Use selector APIs.
  • Complex element selectors are slow; favor class selectors and child instead of descendant.
  • Apply visual changes in batches.

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