Remote PowerShell like SSH

Thursday, December 13, 2012 / Posted by Luke Puplett /

Here's a super quick howto for using PowerShell like you Linux dudes use SSH to remotely console into a server.

First, make sure Windows Remote Management is setup on the target server. So RDP onto the box and open a command prompt. Run this:

winrm quickconfig

Now that's setup, close RDP and on your client admin dev type box, open PowerShell 2.0

Run the following commands.

$domainAdmin = Get-Credential
# Enter your domain admin or other privileged credentials in the box that pops up.
Enter-PSSession -ComputerName web3-pool2-ln -Credential $domainAdmin

After a few seconds the prompt should change and you're in. Use 'exit' to come out.

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Comment by Luke Puplett on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

You are very welcome!!

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