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Thursday, October 07, 2010 / Posted by Luke Puplett /

Since writing I’ve been using a placeholder company name ‘S26’ which I had to refactor to reflect my final company name Evoq Limited. The new codebase is built with new filenames and namespaces.

Also, the Windows 7 implementation of the Media Center API, at the COM interop level, has a memory leak. The new client works around the problem by creating an API shim inside a new AppDomain which gets recycled at intervals.

Finally, after seeing Mike Taulty’s session at UK Tech Days and his showing-off of new Metro-esque Windows 7 WPF applications Zune and MetroTwit, I reverted the client back into its Metro pyjamas. Previously I’d not done enough work on the shadow which is why it never really rocked my world; this version is much better I think. Funkier Metro Look

Testing is on-going as it work on the web application/site. And that reminds me, I must update the images on the site.


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