Windows 7 Remote (Web) Media Streaming

Monday, December 14, 2009 / Posted by Luke Puplett /

I stumbled across this post while having a rare look on the Channel 10 site and was surprised to have discovered it this way, and not through a tech news site. I've not tested it but Windows 7 and its Media Player allow your library to be streamed to different computers - this part is nothing groundbreaking since the invention of a LAN, but then I haven't told you that it allows your library to be streamed over an internet connection to your other PC, at work or by the pool at the holiday villa.

Connections are secured by SSL and certificates, which is why it requires both machine's user IDs to be associated with your Windows Live ID (or some other provider, but probably, effectively Windows Live). As I remember, its hard to unassociate so if you fancy doing this on a mate's laptop, make a new local Windows account first, rather than link your Live ID to your mates admin account or something.

I would also be interested to know if this works with your recorded television content and weather a remotely scheduled television programme can be recorded and streamed at the same time, as it can be locally recorded and viewed.

And finally, what of Windows Mobile 7?

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